Monday, July 13, 2009


I wish I could stay up forever.
When I stay awake I explain amazing things amazingly.
There are lots of differences between conversations
over coffee at five in the morning
and over beer at three
The main difference is that coffee at five makes you want to kill.
It makes you want to wake up
and build something with sharp metal edges
like a lawn mower
but for people, a people mower.
Beer at three makes you want to draw pictures
of people mowers
and people escaping them.
It helps you explain amazing things amazingly.
One time I went to sleep and then woke up and explained something
and no one got it
and the more I explained it
the more people squinted their eyes.
They looked like finless gold fish in a washing machine,
They looked like they were trying to find the aurora borealis
with the sunroof closed.
I want to stay awake forever.
I want to empty enough beer bottles to trap the aurora borealis
so that I can show it to people
rather than explain it.
When I make people look like finless goldfish by saying things I think are amazing,
I feel like drinking coffee and pulling a ripcord
that will make a silver gleaming death machine roar to life.
Sometimes I don't communicate
and I can't let go of wanting to
and then I sound angry
but I'm not
and people ask me to calm down
and then I tell them I am calm
and then they tell me if I were calm I wouldn't have to say that.
And I want to tell them that if they weren't as clueless
as a finless goldfish in a washing machine
I wouldn't have to explain myself.
I wouldn't want to stay awake forever.
But I do. I want to stay up.
I want to stay up until I'm on a first name basis with the aurora borealis.
Me and aurora.
And aurora would teach me things and touch me in many places I have forgotten
and beam moist light into my eyeballs.
I would learn to hover.
and to shine.
and how to be high and stay high.
and to appear
and how to disappear.

1 comment:

  1. I totally feel like that right now. I wish I could stay up forever...the longer im awake though the harder it is to control those swirling feelings, that break out with such freakish the very least though I wish that little bit of death called slumber did not have to be met so non-chalanty at the end of the day.